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    April 27,28

    Join us at Ondo State Marathon 2018, a world marathon competition

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    April 27,28

    Join us at Ondo State Marathon 2018, a world marathon competition

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    April 27,28

    Join us at Ondo State Marathon 2018, a world marathon competition


Ondo State Marathon 2018

Join us at Ondo State Marathon 2018...

Ondo State Marathon 2018 is an half (21.1km) national marathon race which will start from Idanre Hill part of Ondo State and end at Akure City Stadium. This Marathon race covers two different local governments in Ondo State.

We invite tourist for Idanre hill tourism, athletics scouts, friends of Ondo State for the national Marathon Competition, and Sport Technology Companies for the launching of Sunshine Spectrum read more...


Athletics Championship

Feb 22, 2018

Ondo State Open Athletics Championship


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Competition and awards

Open Athletics Championship 2018 is track and feild event for age range between 15 to 20 years. This program is organised by Seun Ogunkoya to discover tallented athletes in Nigeria. Obtain your form free of charge at Akure City Stadium.

Athletes in the following games will participate:

  • 100 meter, Male and Female
  • 400 meter, Male and Female
  • 1,500 meter, Male and Female
  • High Jump
  • Javelin

Participants' winners' prize are listed below:

  • First Prize: NGN30,000.00
  • Second Prize: NGN20,000.00
  • Third Prize: NGN10,000.00


Get Yourself ready for Ondo State Marathon 2018(Runsunshine 2018)

  • Register as an athlete, tourist, sponsor or as spectrum member
  • If you are not coming from Nigeria, request for your Invitation as soon as posible to meet up with the event
  • Book your hotel accommodation
  • Incase you need support on your registration or traveling, always contact your event registrar on registrar@runsunshine.com


Register for the competition. If you are from Ondo State Nigeria, your registration will be for Ondo State Open Athletics Championship 2018 and Ondo Marathon 2018 otherwise you will only register for Ondo Marathon 2018

Ondo State Open Athletics Championship 2017

Registration for this championship competition is free and its open to all indegen of Ondo State Who want to participate in Ondo Marathon 2018

Ondo Marathon 2018

Ondo State Marathon is programmed for yearly event that will take place from Idanre Hill area of Ondo State to Akure City Stadium, which are two local governments away from each other.

Ondo Marathon 2018, Open Athletics Championship Event
# Activities DateVenue
1Torch of unity across Local Governments in Ondo State for the traditional rulers to light, as sign of Love and UnityJan 22-26, 2018Across Local Governments
2Athletes arrival for Ondo State 2018 Athletes ChampionshipFeb 20, 2018Akure City Stadium
2Ondo State 2018 Athletes Championship Start dateFeb 21, 2018FUTA
2Ondo State 2018 Athletes Championship Final dateFeb 22, 2018FUTA
3Official Launching of the Marathon 2018 Logo and Sport Sponsors’ Gala NightFeb 22, 2018-
# Marathon Activities DateVenue
1Arrival of athletes and visitorsApril 24-25, 2018Akure City, Ondo State
2Tourism to Idanre HillApril 26, 2018Idanre Hill
3Sport and Business conference, launching of Sunshine SpectrumApril 27, 2018
4Half Marathon Starting from Idanre hill to Akure city stadiumApril 28, 2018Idanre - Akure
5Medal presentation and prizes to winnersApril 28, 2018Akure City Stadium
6Award ceremony for sponsors and Gala night.April 28, 2018-



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Marathon Runners' Prize

  • 1st: NGN500,000.00
  • 2nd: NGN300,000.00
  • 3rd: NGN100,000.00
  • 4th: NGN50,000.00
  • 5th: NGN20,000.00
  • 6th to 25th: NGN5,000.00
  • All runners will be encouraged with certificates

# Type of registration Registration description
1Participant RegistrationThis registration is for Athletes who want to paticipate in the Marathon Competition(Fee: NGN1,000.00)...
2Member RegistrationAll members of Ondo State Marathon are known as Sunshine spectrum team who stand to support sport business integration, scouting for athletes and as supporting member for Ondo State Marathon team within Nigeria and abroad(Fee: NGN1,000.00)...
3Partner RegistrationPartners are business friends who help to source for fund through donation or other sport related sponsorship means(Fee: NGN50,000.00)...
4Sponsor RegistrationWe welcome sponsors from all business sectors including sport, charity organisation, government and individual(Fee: NGN5,000.00 above)...

Platitum Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Custom Sponsor

5Free Spectrum MemberSunshine Spectrum membership is free for anyone who want to be part of spectrum sport-business community (Fee: NGN0.00)...